The EEMIAN was the last Interglacial period (if the Young Dryas event is not considered) that began 130,000 years ago and ended 115,000 YBP. During most of those 15,000 years temperatures were well above the current, as is well stated by different geological, paleontological, and several other proxies.

A strange period by any standards that has been accurately identified in most of the Greenland and Antarctic ice cores. The surprising thing is that, while snow was accumulating year after year in Greenland, hippopotamus and other tropical animal species were grazing in the Thames river and Rhine river valleys and trees were growing in Baffin and Labrador in America and up to the Arctic Polar Circle in Sweden and Finland.


Trafalgar Square a meeting point for roaming rhinoceros, elephants, lions, panthers and hyenas.

A slight inconvenient fact: atmospheric CO2 in those days only averaged 270ppm

Another inconvinient fact: Trafalgar Square is today 8 meters above sea level. During the Eemian sea level rised about 9 meters. Marine lions and marine hyenas anyone?

Hippopotamus methane farting to blame?grapheemian



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