THIS ONE OF THE MOST STUPID BOOKS EVER WRITTEN BY some Mr. Hartmann, a writer showing a profound ignorance of basic geology.
Mr. Hartmann bases his alarmist hypothesis about the end of the current civilization on the assumed PERMIAN EXTINCTION, an event that is not consense bu the majority of geologists & paleontologists.
In any case,
1. If there was such Permian massive extinction IT COULDN’T BE CAUSED BY A CO2 ANOXIA, Simply because in the Permian the atmosphere was 4,000ppm CO2, with similar contents in the Triassic (after the Permian) and about the same in the Carboniferous (before the Permian).
2. When the Cambrian Explosion started 550 million years ago the atmospheric CO2 was 7,000ppm and never dropped below 300pmm for the following 549 million years. It was decreasing all the way down to the 300ppm limit in the last 800,000 years, during the recent eight glaciations intervals.
3. The real menace today is the fact that CURRENTLY our atmosphere contains ONLY 400ppm. This is VERY CLOSE to the EXTINCTION LIMIT OF 200ppm under which plants cannot not survive.
4. So the LAST HOUR OF HUMANITY is closer to A LACK OF CO2 as oppossed to an excess of CO2. Our planet will freeze out of life due to THE SCARCITY OF CO2 rather than the abundance of CO2 in the atmosphere.
HAVE YOU GOT IT RIGHT Mr. Hartmann? IF THERE IS SUCH AN EXTINCTION in the future it will for LITTLE CO2 and not an excess of it.


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