#AWstooGges LYING ABOUT OCEAN ACIDITY The WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER in England are formed from massive deposits of calcium carbonate-based coccolith shells formed in the “highly acidic waters” (gimme a break!) of the Cretaceous ocean some 70 million years ago, under an atmospheric content of 0.2% or 2,000ppm CO2  (5 times the present). This photo is showing at least 6 million tons of CO2 SEQUESTERED in this spot of the extensive DOVER CLIFFS. descarga   But the Cretaceous Chalk rocks extend further inland and westwards, nearly reaching London on the British side and eastwards, across the Channel almost reaching Paris in the Continental Europe or French side. Foto of the Cretaceous Chalk cliffs in Etretat on the French side of the Channel. Etretat-of-Normandie-France It is estimated that the Cretaceous Chalk on both sides of the Channel is made of some 400 billion cubic meters of limestone containing about 250 billion tons of CO2, the equivalent of 1/3 of all the CO2 contained by the Earth atmosphere. YEAAH!  SCIENCE STOOGES CAN’T BE WRONG! No life is possible in the “acidic oceans” under a TERRIBLE, EXCESSIVE, UNBEARABLE CO2 CONTENT OF 0.04% or 400ppm.  DON’T YOU DARE TO DENY MAN-MADE CLIMATE change! DOVERword-page-001



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