Millions of dollars are spilled away by Climate Change lunatics measuring oceanic waters pH to demonstrate that oceans are becoming sulphuric acid baths and killing all life. The basis for this STUPID THEORY is that as atmospheric CO2 increases the ocean’s waters dissolve part of that increased CO2 and become CO3H- richer. As a result, -they claim that oceans’ life is endangered, and in particular coral reefs and carbonate shells. The idiocy of the theory is that ALL LIFE in the Planet was born, developed and live in oceans under 7,000ppm to 400ppm of CO2 in the last 550 million years. From coral reefs to ammonites. AMMONITELOOK AT THE PICTURE AND TELL ME HOW COULD THESE CREATURES GROW, REPRODUCE AND LIVE FOR MILLIONS OF YEARS IN OCEAN WATERS UNDER 2,000ppm

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